New Leaders Project Camp

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What is The New Leaders Project?

The New Leaders Project is an exciting part of EqualityMaine’s youth initiative to improve the climate for LGBTQ+ youth by providing leadership skills, community building, and self-empowerment. Our leadership program is for LGBTQ+ young people and allies who want to work alongside other young leaders from across Maine. Participants will learn interpersonal communication, LGBTQ+ history, self-empowerment, leadership, and more. The young people who have completed this program have since applied these skills both in their schools and in our work at EqualityMaine through public speaking, event planning, and presenting at conferences. 

Costs and Tiered Pricing

EqualityMaine wants to help your family, support our community, and grow for the future. We understand that families have different abilities to pay and our camp can provide one of the most valuable experiences in your kiddo’s life. We strive to make camp attainable for ALL with a tiered pricing structure. After the registration process is complete and the camper has been accepted, you will be given the opportunity to choose the tier level that best suits your family to pay for camp, and that includes a FREE option. Your selection is completely confidential. Regardless of the tier that best suits your family, every youth has the same opportunities at camp.

Tier 1  $1,000
This tier accurately reflects the true cost of camp for each camper, including meals, programming, staff, maintenance, utilities, insurance, equipment, and rooming. We ask families, who are able, to participate at this level if it is appropriate for them.

Tier 2   $800
This tier is partially subsidized through community donations and reflects the basic cost for each camper (food, staff, programming, and rooming). Please participate at this level if it is right for your family.

Tier 3   $400
This tier is more heavily subsidized through community donations and sponsors. Please participate at this level if it keeps camp affordable for your family. This tier reflects the most basic cost for each camper including food, staff and supplies.

Tier 4    No Cost 
We provide more significant financial assistance to families that need help to cover the full cost of camp.  This tier is made possible through annual giving, community support, sponsors, and grants. 

Are you willing to sponsor a camper? Click here, and thank you for your generosity.

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